Digitalise your health and safety

Digitalise your health and safety

Upload Documents

View, upload and verify documents anytime, anywhere.

Document Insights

Learn more about the health of your documentation with the dashboard overview.

Weather Warnings

Provide your Employees with dynamic weather warnings from the integrated weather feed.

Live News Updates

Boost your employee's company engagement with the live news feed.

No need for paper, all your documents at your finger tips!

Set up your team organisation and invite new users to the platform

The Fusion management dashboard can be customised to suit the shape of your business and expand alongside it as it grows.

Add documents and automatically share them with your team

Scan onto Fusion from your mobile and disseminate health and safety documentation to stakeholders on the move.

Monitor compliance and resolve on-site issues before they arise

Intuitive data visualisation and automated expiry alerts empower administrators to manage documentation proactively.

Check out our platform walkthrough videos

If you intrigued to see how the platform works, feel free to watch our walkthrough videos to learn more about the Fusion Health & Safety platform.

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