The Benefits of eLearning

Since the pandemic hit, businesses have had to keep up with the ever-evolving learning and training trends, whilst ensuring employees are trained to high standards in an affordable and convenient manner.

eLearning brings many benefits to your business and it is likely anyone who uses it will tell you how impactful it is. When the pandemic hit, training needs and employee development was not put on hold, companies created working environments at home and away from the office, meaning training and development needed to be convenient and accessible anywhere, anytime.

What is eLearning?

eLearning (also known as online training) is a form of training/education in certain areas and skillsets, which takes place over the internet. In a much more demanding and busier world, technology has created an environment in which simple tasks have been made simpler. Gone are the days of taking a full day out of your working schedule for a mandatory training day.

eLearning can be provided through electronic devices such as computers/laptops, tablets and mobile phones. It provides many benefits such as flexibility and organisation. Having training which is accessible anywhere has meant eLearning has become extremely popular.

Benefits of online training:

1. Cost Effective:

It is now as simple as ever to train your staff. Companies no longer need to spend money on transport, getting a trainer into the office or several days’ worth of training which was usually taken out of an employee’s working day. Using online training means employees can access courses from anywhere.

2. Convenience:

With eLearning one of the main attractions is its accessibility and convenience. Employees only need access to the internet to access the training, meaning they can delegate priorities and train around their work time and crucial tasks can be prioritised.

3. Saves Time:

Employees can progress at their own pace and will not have the pressure of face-to-face training. Self-paced accessible learning means that employees can do this in their own time, without taking away a full day’s work. 

4. Improves performance and productivity:

eLearning allows employees to train quicker and easier. This increases productivity in the workplace and engagement in the training itself.

5. Lower Environment Impact:

With more businesses making a conscious effort to help the environment. eLearning eradicates the need and use of paper, creating a lower impact on the environment.


There are numerous benefits when investing in eLearning. For employers, it offers a cost-effective way to train employees, meaning it is affordable and saves time for all members of the team. In return, employees will benefit from the convenience of training enhancing productivity and personal development in skills and knowledge. With learning and development constantly evolving your business should prioritise employee’s development and benefit from the rewards of online training. To find out more on how we can help you with your eLearning head here.

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