At Fusion we take an agile, design thinking approach to our product development, constantly building, testing, and getting feedback from customers to enable us to refine and iterate our product to be the best it can for our users. We recently added a new feature, the document to PDF converter.

What is the PDF converter?

This new feature enables users to access clear, good quality documents on mobile, tablet and web dashboard, whilst keeping them secure and version controlled. The PDF converter allows Administrators and Managers of the Fusion platform to upload any document albeit Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and even pictures to the My Documents section of the platform. Our new functionality will convert the document into PDF so that it is secure and cannot be altered by users on the platform.

Why is it important?

This new feature improves document management throughout your entire organisation. As you know, having secure documents with strong access control is very important. This new feature means that only those that should be able to change documents have the access rights to do so. But how does it work, and what happens to your original document? What would happen if you wanted to change or update that document in the future? Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered, let me talk you through how it works.

How does it work?

When you’re on My Documents section of the Management Dashboard, simply click the ‘Upload new Doc’ button and ‘+ Choose File’. This will take you to your File Explorer window where you can select the specific file you want to upload.

Once selected fill-out upload form as normal. Choose your Document Name, Category, etc. and then click ‘Upload Document’ and we will automatically convert your file into PDF.

If you then search for your document or navigate to the appropriate category and/or sub folder and click on the document, you will see the document profile.

Here you have the option to either ‘View/Download’ the PDF or ‘Download Original’ which will provide you with the original document in its original format. Other users such as the Employee will only have access to the PDF so won’t be able to make changes to the document and therefore keep its document integrity.


In a world that is becoming increasingly digital the way we manage our documents is becoming more and more important. The PDF converter is a simple yet powerful tool that will enable your business to manage access information better.

Interested in trying this out for your company? Request a demo here

The temperatures are dropping even further, and the weather is becoming worse. The construction industry already has a lot to take into consideration when thinking about on-site health and safety, which can only be intensified as cold weather, dark nights and an unpredictable winter occurs, bringing extra challenges for construction sites.
To help construction sites prepare for this winter we put together out top tips to combat winter and stay up and running in a safely manner.
As always, the UK’s weather can be all the 3 U’s: Unpredictable, Unstable & Uncontrolled. But one thing we can control is how we manage our businesses to ensure employees and others health and safety is put first. Planning ahead is a key aspect which should eliminate any accidents to occur.

1. Reduce Risk:
Number one priority should be keeping your staff safe. Carrying out regular risk assessments should eliminate surprises and have the team prepared. By surveying the construction site and assessing it for new hazards, you can evaluate whether employees should be working and what actions you can take to avoid accidents.
HSE states, Risk assessment is an essential part of effective health and safety management and involves five stages:
• Identify the hazards
• Decide who might be harmed and how
• Evaluate the risks and decide on precautions
• Record the findings and implement them
• Review the risk assessment and update if necessary

2. Stay tuned in:
Staying tuned into regular weather updates will ensure your staff are working in the correct conditions. Monitor the temperature and make sure you know when it’s safe for workers to be outside. Draw up an action plan and be ready to implement it the moment bad weather is forecast. Be wary of ice, slips, trips & falls are the most common cause for accidents and can only get worse in bad weather.

3. Keep track of equipment:
No matter what, care should always be taken around equipment and vehicles. By keeping track of equipment, you must always check tyre pressure, brakes, batteries and wipers are in good working condition before using. Having things on hand like salt, torches, ice scrapers, shovels, and blankets are also key for sudden changes to weather conditions.

4. Educate team members:
As always, a focus of Health & Safety should be that employees are all trained up on it themselves. Educate workers on the signs and symptoms of aspects that could go wrong in cold weather such as hypothermia.
Keep employees engaged and updated constantly when undergoing risk assessments.

5. The right gear:
It is integral to stay warm during the winter months, especially for construction workers who find themselves outdoors plenty of the time. Ensuring staff are dressed appropriately is a huge must, encourage your team to wear layers, windproof, waterproof clothing with appropriate hats/ headwear and gloves.
Winter always brings new challenges, but ensuring you plan carefully, keep employees trained up and implement safety measures you will minimise accidents and risks to ensure your site is run safely.

Fusion can support key areas that trouble construction. We can help you reduce risk via MyDocuments, stay tuned in via MyWeather, and maintain efficiency on equipment, the right gear and educating team members through other aspects of our platform. To find out more request a free demo now.

How lessons learned from the construction industry will inform all sectors on how to navigate a COVID-safe world.

Following the announcement of lockdown measures back in March, countless industries were forced to close, and their workforce tasked with working remotely. However, the construction industry suffered only a short hiatus. Whilst other sectors were ‘navigating their new normal’, employing working-from-home infrastructure and procedures, construction sites were forced to learn on their feet and adapt accordingly.

Co-founder of construction, civil engineering and property development company, Hollingsworth Group, Paul Hollingsworth, identified a gap in the market for a tool to keep staff informed of the new rules and regulations. Recognising that the ease of documentation accessibility would play a vital role in managing the new protocols, Paul and his team crated an easy-to-use app, allowing all employees to access to the latest documentation instantly via their mobile device.

Paul comments, “We initially produced the app solely for Hollingsworth Group but recognised that in fact countless businesses would soon be required to carry out additional checks to resume work during and after lockdown. From the original app idea, I worked alongside my brother Shaun, son Jac and Director of digital agency Coax Creative, George Daly, to develop the Fusion Health & Safety platform, which consists of a management dashboard web-based application (accessible on desktop & tablet) that allows Administrators to add different user types: Employees, Managers and Admins.

“The app then allows users to access documents instantly, upload and share with the rest of the team, verify and agree to any terms specified and create and share company news. It also provides vital real time weather warnings, as well as a nearest A&E locater using employees current GPS location.”

With an immediate increase in health & safety procedures to be carried out on-site, it is unsurprising that the industry is leading the way in advancements in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A recent study by software specialist Procore Technologies found that the pandemic is accelerating the adoption of digital technology in the construction industry. In a survey of 250 construction managers, it was found that 66% of companies rolled out some sort of new technology during lockdown and 94% of those said they saw an improvement in the way their teams worked as a result.*

Feedback from current users of the Fusion Health & Safety app has shown that the app can reduce the need for physical paperwork on disparate sites and locations by 100%. Hollingsworth’s own trials of the platform have shown a huge initial increase in the efficiency when managing documentation remotely and in disparate locations.

In a huge boost for the new platform, it has recently received interest from leaders in safety performance improvement, Safe Setters, which specialise in safety improvement for customers operating in high risk industries, including; renewables, construction, manufacturing and the public sector.

Initially built with the construction and manufacturing industry in mind, in response to the pandemic, the team developed the app to be industry agnostic, so it is useful across a range of sectors, including; transport, retail, health services, renewable energy and government bodies.

Paul continues, “What the app currently does and what we plan for it to do will rapidly increase the productivity of the workforce and improve health and safety procedures moving forward. We are confident that what we have seen in the construction industry will apply to a huge range of industries in the near future as regulations becomes more stringent and businesses move health & safety to the top of their agenda.”

Bespoke Fusion Health & Safety platform plans start from £199. Visit for more information or to request a free demo.


On July 1st, we proudly launched our revolutionary web-based management dashboard and mobile app, Fusion Health & Safety, after spending over a year in the development process.


Navigating the ‘new normal’

As we transition to a ‘new normal’, employers across all sectors are embracing technology and looking for new ways to ensure safety, efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Over the last few months, many companies have realised the importance of health and safety and with staff returning to the workplace after months in lockdown, quick and easy access to health & safety documents and information is now a priority – now that’s where Fusion comes in! 


Health and safety made digital, whatever the sector

Initially built with the construction and manufacturing industry in mind, Fusion has been designed to be industry agnostic, making it applicable across a range of sectors, including:


  • – Transport
  • – Retail
  • – Health services
  • – Renewable energy
  • – Government bodies.


Easy to use platform

Developed with the aim of minimising the need for physical paperwork, Fusion consists of a management dashboard (accessible on desktop & tablet) that allows you to add different user types, such as; Employees, Managers and Admins. Our easy to use mobile app then allows users to access vital documents instantly, upload and share with the rest of the team, verify and agree to any terms, as well as create and share company news. 


Ensuring further protective measures for staff, the app also provides vital real time weather warnings, as well as a nearest A&E locator using employees current GPS location.


If you’re looking to streamline, simplify and digitalise your health and safety measures, get in touch to request a free demo.


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