Here's some help with My Team'

You can find the FAQs around the My Team section of the dashboard below. Please also take the time to watch the walkthrough video as this gives an overview of how the My Team section is used.

What is the My Team page for?

The My Team page of the Management Dashboard is available for Admins only. Here admins can manage their team and organisation. They can add new users to the platform, determine their access level and remove users. There is a search functionality which allows you to quickly find a specific user. Once found, the user profile will be visible, outlining key information such as Name, Email, Access Level, User Group (if applicable) and their recent documents.

How do I add new users to the platform?

You can add new users to the platform by clicking on the Add New Member button in the My Team section of the Management Dashboard. Remember, only Admins can add new users to the platform. The number of users and the type of users you can add to the platform will be dependent on your subscription plan. You can quickly see an overview of this in the Dashboard Overview section of the dashboard. If you would like to add more users but have reached your subscription limit, then you can easily add more users in the My Account section.

What does Non-Verified mean?

Non-Verified means that a user has been invited to the platform but they have not yet signed in using the mobile app. We want to make it clear to Admins which users have not used the app so they can quickly remind them. Non-Verification is also flagged to Admins using the red ! shield icon.

What are User Groups?

User Groups are collections of employees, manager and admins who you would like to belong in the same area for a variety of reasons. They might all be part of the same team, work in the same location or have similar roles and responsibilities. The advantage of setting up user groups is to increase the speed of tagging relevant users to documents related to them. If you have a fire safety booklet for a specific building that needs to be read by everyone who works in that building then you could create a user group for everyone who operates there regularly. When you upload the fire safety booklet, you can simply tag the user group. Once done everyone within that group will receive a notification and access to the document in one go.

How do I create User Groups?

User Groups are created and managed in the My Team section of the dashboard. You can create a new user group by selecting the Add New User Group button. Once you've done this you simply enter the user group name and type the user name or email that you would like to be in the user group and click add. Once you have selected all users you would like to have in the group select Create New User Group.

How can I view and edit my existing User Groups?

You can view existing groups by clicking on the All Groups drop-down arrow on the My Team page. If you then want to edit one of the groups, select that group and click Edit User Group.

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